Requirements Management

Success starts with requirements management.

Streamline your requirements management processes and keep all project stakeholders satisfied as requirements evolve with the intuitive requirements management module

Inside Requirements management

Manage your sales leads and opportunities

Meet your clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations by accurately and efficiently defining and tracking project requirements with ReqTrak. With comprehensive tracing, search, and collaboration features, all project stakeholders will always be on the same page, with nothing lost in translation.

  • Define, capture, maintain, and track business requirements
  • Monitor the requirements of all project stakeholders to ensure that all needs are met
  • Easily make and track changes as project requirements evolve
  • Trace, sort and filter requirements by date, phase, status, priority, users, and more
  • Search across projects and requirements for instant access to the information you need
  • Easily export requirements to Excel to take requirements with you offline

Collaborate with project stakeholders in real time

  • Collaborate with all internal and external project stakeholders – from your technical team to your project management team to your clients
  • Collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders to ensure clarity and agreement on requirements
  • Work directly with clients in the system to manage and prioritize client project requirements
  • Add comments and questions directly to each requirement to facilitate effective discussions among team members
  • No longer rely on emails, notes, or memory for project scope and requirements
  • Access online anytime, anywhere so you always the information you need when you need it

It is essential that all key stakeholders are actively involved in the requirements definition process. With Trakeze, you can provide custom access to clients and key stakeholders to collaborate on clarifying and defining project requirements in real-time directly in the online application. Trakeze helps you optimize client satisfaction and the efficiency of your requirements management processes.