Project Management

Meet your exact project management needs with ProjectTrak.

The robust, yet easy-to-use module, allows you to manage your projects according to your company’s project management method. With complete project planning, tracking, management, and collaboration features, the application can help you increase productivity and efficiency within your organization.

Inside Project management

Create comprehensive project plans

Set and maintain a strong foundation for your projects by creating and sharing well-developed project plans. Create project plans, generate Gantt charts, build project teams, and track progress with Trakeze’s easy-to-use, yet robust project planning tools.

  • Quickly and easily create projects with intuitive project set up workflows
  • Assign colleagues to project teams and define project team member roles and responsibilities
  • Record project tasks with complete hierarchy and predecessors
  • Easily record task owners, percent complete, and level of efforts for each project task
  • Instantly create easy-to-ready Gantt charts

Manage your projects

  • Deliver projects on time and within budget
  • Easily monitor the status of projects
  • View approaching deadlines, status updates and progress
  • Gain insights about your project progress with Gantt charts
  • Obtain top-down visibility into project work breakdown structures, including task dependencies, levels of effort, duration of each task, and percent complete
  • Access real-time, key insights on your projects with a comprehensive project dashboard
  • Track time spent by project team members on tasks and projects

Deliver projects on time and within budget by managing your projects with Trakeze. A simple yet powerful tool, ProjectTrak allows you to gain complete visibility into your projects, instantly access key project insights, easily monitor the status of projects, and more.

Collaborate with project team members

Collaborate and communicate efficiently with team members on projects to ensure you are always on top of projects. Completely web-based, Trakeze allows project managers and team members to view, monitor, and manage projects anytime, anywhere.

  • Easily collaborate and communicate with project team members on projects, milestones, and to-dos
  • Access online anytime, anywhere so you always the information you need when you need it
  • Ensure all project team members are on the same page at all times
  • Easily download data to Excel for easy offline sharing, emailing, and printing