Employee Time Tracking

A comprehensive, user-friendly time and expense reporting system, TimeTrak gives you all the features you need to manage the time and expenses associated with your projects or business.

Easily capture time spent on projects and manage employee time and expenses with Trakeze’s professional web timesheet and time tracking features.

Inside Employee time tracking

Easily track time and expenses

Track your time spent on projects from anywhere with an Internet connection with TimeTrak’s simple, intuitive web-based timesheet and expense tracking features.

  • Easily track and monitor billable and non-billable hours for projects
  • Record expenses for each project
  • Attach comments to each entry for detailed time tracking
  • Submit timesheets for review and approval
  • Create entries for special circumstances with an intuitive, customizable layout
  • Enter and monitor your time spent on projects anywhere, anytime with online access

Manage employee timesheets and expenses

  • Notify users of timesheet submission
  • Review employee’s timesheets and expense for payroll data
  • Review employee’s timesheets and expense for payroll data
  • Obtain a clear view of how your company’s time is spent on projects
  • Forecast human capital needs for future projects by evaluating trends

Trakeze’s timesheet submission and approval process makes it easy to quickly review and approve or reject employee timesheets. You always have data at hand to run payroll and generate invoices or reports.

Automatically track time spent on projects

Trakeze’s time tracker is a simple, easy to use, desktop time tracking application that allows you to automatically track the time spent on any project or activity. Time tracked is automatically pushed to your timesheets for precise and easy time tracking.

  • Track time spent on specific projects automatically with easy-to-use desktop application
  • Have complete control over your time – start, pause, stop, and submit as needed
  • Add comments with each time tracking session for enhanced time tracking and management
  • Quick and simple – just select a project from the dropdown and select “Start”
  • Fully integrated with the rest of the Trakeze – data automatically flows seamlessly through to time sheets