About the Team

Trakeze is a product of Aciron Consulting, a management and technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, committed to delivering high-quality, innovative services and solutions to help companies achieve their full potential in business and technology.

The Team Behind Trakeze

Aciron Consulting, LLC is an innovative business management and technology consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Established in 2006, Aciron Consulting serves as a trusted adviser to clients that span a wide range of industries, sizes, and business functions. We combine in-depth technical and industry experience with a commitment to building collaborative relationships with clients to deliver innovative services and solutions that meet clients' most complex business and technical challenges.

The Aciron team founded Trakeze in 2009 after finding, through experience working closely with a variety of clients, that no online application solution on the market successfully met the needs of small and medium sized businesses in managing their most important activities. From using systems that were not comprehensive enough, to overly cumbersome and difficult to use applications, to too expensive and tailored to large, enterprise organizations, we found that clients were spending too much time, energy, and money managing their business activities. Utilizing our years of industry and technology expertise and experience, we developed Trakeze to be a user-friendly, fully-integrated business management application to deliver enhanced productivity, efficiency, and profitability to small and medium sized businesses around the world.

As illustrated with Trakeze, Aciron does not just build software. We build client-driven solutions that solve and conquer today’s business challenges. Aciron consultants take a client-centered approach to creating solutions by actively engaging clients in defining requirements and illustrating process understanding, while providing regular project status updates.

To learn more about the team behind Trakeze, please visit our website, where you can find more information on our services, experience, leadership, history, career opportunities, and much more.