Customer Relationship Management

Boost sales, improve your client relationships, and grow your business with Trakeze's comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) module, AccountsTrak.

The easy-to-use module simplifies and enhances your sales and client service activities by allowing you to easily manage your sales pipeline, communicate more effectively with your prospects and customers, close deals, manage your project financials, and more.

Inside Customer relationship management

Manage your sales leads and opportunities

Optimize you’re the effectiveness of sales activities, improve productivity, and close deals more quickly with Trakeze. Allowing you to manage your entire sales process from end to end, track key prospect information, assign tasks to colleagues, and more in one central place, Trakeze makes managing your small business's sales activities simple and more effective.

  • Track and access complete information on leads and sales opportunities
  • Create and assign tasks, track the progress of tasks, and collaborate with colleagues to ensure you never miss a deadline and are always on top of sales tasks
  • Track the progress of sales opportunities from lead through close with full history tracking and robust workflows
  • Share opportunities with colleagues for enhanced collaboration and communication
  • Attach documents, such as RFPs, proposals, meeting notes, etc. with each sales opportunity for enhanced organization
  • Quickly and easily search for key information with comprehensive search functionality so you spend more time close deals

Manage your sales pipeline

  • See year-by-year trends of your company’s bookings, pipeline, billing, and collections
  • View key statistics that illustrate the health of your business
  • Generate custom reports for critical insights on your sales and customer relationship management efforts
  • Visualize your sales pipeline with a comprehensive dashboard
  • List and filter sales opportunities to discover opportunities that require attention
  • Follow-through on your sales with a robust workflow

Gain instant access to critical insights on your customers, leads, sales opportunities, and contracts, and more. Trakeze's comprehensive dashboards and powerful reporting features let you visualize your sales pipeline and view critical information on your sales activities so you have the knowledge you need to close more deals and improve your sales and client service efforts.

Manage all of your relationships

Maintaining and growing positive relationships with your leads, customers, vendors, and other key players is critical to the health of your business. With Trakeze, you can track and manage all of your key relationships, including managing contact information, communication, and other key information, in one, central, online location for optimized relationship management.

  • Manage all important relationships, from leads to customers to vendors in one central location
  • View complete customer dashboards with contact business-cards
  • Quickly scan, search, retrieve, and update customer information
  • Track communication with leads, opportunities, and customers
  • Utilize comprehensive search functionality so you spend less time searching for information and more time growing your relationships
  • Access information anytime, anywhere with an internet connection, so you always have the information you need

Manage your contracts and financials

  • Automatically set up contracts from closed sales opportunities
  • Track invoices and payments and easily set up reminders
  • Establish invoice amounts and schedules and let the system do the rest
  • Supports milestone based, on demand, semi-monthly, monthly schedules, etc.
  • Manage contract details, upload pertinent documents, and create project teams with roles
  • View contract dashboard for real-time, key insights on your contracts

Never miss another invoice or payment. Trakeze’s robust, yet easy-to-use Contract Financial Management module allows you to manage your contracts, billing, and invoices easily and efficiently.